Machinima Live Stream! Watch Now!

Machinima is doing some pre-release live stream for the next 5 days. I don’t know all the details, but I’ve heard that the stream will be 24 hours a day until the release.

Here’s the link!

The commentators are entertaining enough that I don’t have to mute the stream. The gameplay also isn’t as terrible as the 343i developers’ gameplay.

Have fun!

they talk about ALOT of FLOOD -Yoink-!!! LOL and -Yoink- in general lololol. those guys lol

Thanks for the link, I hadn’t heard of this.

> Thanks for the link, I hadn’t heard of this.

You thank me, yet don’t click the Thank button?!? How dare you!

Also, flood d*ck is somehow hilarious, but not understood.

I’m getting sick of only seeing the DMR in every single video…

Oh well.

Edit: The moment I said that it went to a view of somone using the BR lol.

It’s cool seeing the kind of people in real life I destroy online.


I had to shut off the volume, these guys are complete -Yoink- and they piss me off.