Machinima: Here!

A new Halo game gives a new opportunity for players and content creators alike to interact with halo in a way that isn’t the standard in game modes. This thread isn’t for any specific project, but for anyone interested, new or veteran to find each other and start creating machinimas. Here let’s share tips, tricks, discords and idea’s while meeting each other and sharing a passion that extends a bit beyond the game. Hope to see you all on film!

Here are the custom game settings to activate Machinima mode! Thanks to “LittleHelper579”

How to enable “Machinima Controls” in a Custom Games lobby.
Find the setting by first…

  1. Custom Game
  2. Mode Editor
  3. Match
  4. Controls
  5. Machinima Controls

*[ADVANCED] Sets whether machinima controls are enabled for players.

Hopefully this will help along anyone who didn’t know you could do this. You can find his original thread which goes into a bit more detail by looking him up.


I decided to make brand new discord just for meeting fellow machinima members. Feel free to promote your own server or group in it, or even just hang around and meet some people there. just add https:// and replace the bracketed text with .gg. See ya there!