machinima help need actors,writers

I’m making a machinima and I need some people who are willing to donate some of there time into making the work. i need voice, body and writers to
so here’s the story line (note: I prefer this to be also a comedy as well as serious (halo reach only))
[ you where driving down a lane and notice that someone is on the verge of death,you drive up to the person as he just died, you also hear a sound of a car driving .you try to go after the car but the person got thing you know you see dozens of police cars driving to your area and you are now under arrest. the guy you just murdered was no other than (celebrity name) and the officer was a huge fan of that person. so than the officer had sent you to “death row” where you must fight to survive in a couple of games of death.)

this is the idea that came from a couple of movies that I’ve watch and so its not perfect.

if you like the idea and want to help be build on it msg me on xbox or send a friend request with a message

im down… send me a request… im also great with forge so if you need a scean, im your guy.

hey, im up for voice acting…send me a friend request. Im also good with forge so if u need anything let me know in advance.

that sounds like it could work i could help with writing (im currently writing a full movie scrip that i can put on hold) message me if you need a writer

great awesome i did not expect that people would actually like the idea, if there are other people that still would like to join, I have openings

Should be able to lend a hand.

I should be able to lend a hand :> I’m pretty good with the forge and writing.

are u still looking for people? im interested

Hey im interested send me a message or add me as a friend i do all of them

hey can i get in on the action i can come up with ideas for forge or writing!

okay we are still currently in developing of the video, but we seem to have a problem with having no body actors,so if anyone want to still be in the movie but doer not have a mic or forge abilitys can still join( and yes i do prefer mics)

Hell I’m up for it, message me GT: Tackelberry212

I have made machinima before Look on my youtube channel CherubiKnighT. I am a decent voice actor but also a very good writer. I have a flexible schedule. I have a software as well as a super high quality capture card. Hit me up. GT is Crusaded Vision.

I am writing a Machinima currently… That can wait for a while though. I can write a few scenes and build forge maps for those secenes that i write and other scenes send me a friend request.