Machinima group needs people!

I’m trying to put together a group to make Machinima, and am in need of a cameraman, video editor or both if possible, and anyone who wants to voice and body act. I’m trying to start small and please have a decent quality capture card (Hauppauge HD PVR preffered) if you want to record. I’ll be using Halo: Reach and Halo 3 for Machinimaking and already have some scripts written out.

hey if u r looking 4 a voice actor…ill join…just keep me posted.

Will do! Now if only I could find a cameraman lol

My gamertag is RNX Dmentia I can body act and voice act my email is if your serious about making machinima wait till halo 4 and just get a crew together for now and finalise your script and stuff then we can be up to date with current machinima’s therefore getting more views because no one watches reach machinima anymore so I suggest you wait it out and get voice acting done and stuff first.

if your still looking for a camera man i have a capture card that we can use if you need it, its only a dazzle no hd though send a friend request if your interested