Machinima: Fire Team Crimson

This series will follow all of the spartan ops missions. (As you could guess) About the famous spartan fireteam crimson and the teams trip into the battle sims along with their adventures into the New War. The main focus will jsut be spartan ops which each day we will release a new episode each day so filming will be constant. There will be some steeping into Halo Reach for sure to max the feel of the covenant and maybe Halo 3 if possible. We will make hte true feel of spartan Crimson and make them feel very real and alive. So all voice acting will be in the moment based on your the peronas of the people and those who are around them. WE will also be stepping to into the life of the young Jul Mdama and leading into his reasons to his faith. (Simulating the Thursday war book)and much more info about the leader of The Storm Covenant and a few of his allies who never managed to make it as far as he did. We will also be in the lives of Spartan III’s J-014 Knalxz, S-208 Maverick and B-97 Bria. This project will be very big and we will need people with lots of free time and the will to make many fans very happy. That is our aim to give a good and impressive story to give the fans.


Crimson Lance Spartans-Teachers of spartan team Crimson

Knalxz-A spartan III teamed up wiith Maverick and Bria. Sometimes supports Crimson in the sims and maybe on spartan ops. His Role will be sort of the Advisors for crimson team. Stepping in when things get reallly bad and he also is a -Yoink- of a leader. Doesn’t see spartan fours to be up to par witht the twos or three’s. he is the I’ve seen somethings man and some stuff kind of a guy many like a hardcore I’ve done 1000 suicide missions and has a goonyburg stare.

Maverick-Maverick was a defective spartan II. With hid muclse mass grows to a point that makes his the most strongest of his spartan two peers and has a need for power and tools of destruction. He is a very kind peace loving perso nad feels the indoctrinisation of the spartan II’s and III’s was wrong and teachs Crimson to be in touch with their inner-selves.

Bria-Was a spartan 3 with the Beta batch and survived the horrible bruns from their mission in covenant space. She does what ever it takes to get the job done and has no regrets. Bria is the silent one of Crimson Lance but is also the only one who can put Knalxz in his place. He respects her hard fought battles not to mention her imprisonment under the covenant for over a decade until freed when High Charity had fallen. (story will advance along with the show.)

Spartan Team Crimson-The Delta Squad of Halo 4

Crimson Lead-Sadie Endesha-AKA The Queen-A kind and caring spartan IV. Takes Mavericks lessons to heart and does whatever his best for her and her team. She Joined the spartan IV program after a short time in the military. Proving she could out smart even the best of ODST,Marine,Army and even spartan J-014 Knalxz himself.

Crimson 2-Josel Riggs-AKA Bot Boy-He is the cold calculative second leader and has a great dislike for troops who don’t follow orders. He makes sure everyone is kept in line and sees Knalxz as a waste of space. Josel feels that Mangdaigar is just like the Big Man Knalxz. HE is called Bot Boy not only for his cruel and cold attitude but also for his liking for High Tech and hacking.

Crimson 3-Mangdaigar YoubToll-AKA Kid Knalxz-AKA Scar-Everything that is kanlxz he is too. He sees Knalxz as the father he never had and has the best thanks to have things blown up and suffered a flesh wound covering his face entirely. (which Kanlxz views as gaining honor) A scar for Mangdaigar.

Crimson 4-Mary Worth-AKA Ms.Clean- Mary likes the cool clean kill and gets a little crazed at the sight of blood. Her training armor bares no extra coating but Mary tends to dress her armor in the blood of fallen great foes. She has many trophies and has a blood print on her armor for each kill the almost got her. But as story advances Jul Mdama’s blood will be hte one she is aiming for. other then ther litlle hybit of ensuring her squadmates armor is perfectly clean she loves hers beong messy.

This is only the small list of the Cast and the only who will be in episdoe one and two.

I forgot to mention we are having a max of 52 main cast members. Each will be very very important to the story and how it all happenes. If you want to join please message me.

This project is also a work in progress. at this moment only an idea but by Jan 23 we plan to have this be the next redvsblue but with out all the laughs and more action.