MACHINIMA:Doomed 2 end

Hi as u cn see if u looked on my page im creating a machinima i finnally got a michinima wire soooooooooo what! umm yeah its about these people on a ship and suddenly they encounter TROUBLE dundun. so there is tis nearby planet they launch escape pods after they started venting atmo and lost life support and weapons but much to their surprise they landed on the planet in the future? which the planet looks much like earth but is under constant threat of heat, zombies. and the neiborhood Elite???

Katelyn armor Head mark vi shoulders mkv chest robot arm

Bill armor head operator rest dont matter
Chelsey armor head air assault

Richtofechen armor head piolit rest dont matter dont look tough telsa armor head mk v rest mk v

Attenion this is ur captin speakn all zombies must have eva c head and mk v fer da rest also were about ta crash o crap brace ursselves

and so the humans for the first season are trying to fix their ship which they do its just thy idnt think where to get fuel or food the second season they try to exterminate the zombies but the fail cuz big momma dont like that the thirs season they realize that this is their home no and pair up to reproduce in other words hav -Yoink!- the wut could be the last season theā€¦ o sorry spoiler aleart yeah youll just hav to wait and find out about that. hahahahahahahahaha send friend request to be a part in the machinima