MACHINIMA - BTB - Forge - Tournaments!

The TROOPS of UNSC© Halo Clan wants YOU!

Filmers, Editors, Musicians, Mixers, Voice Actors, Body Actors, etc.
If you want your name out there, get with us. “The Beginning” is in progress, we just need a bit of help getting it moving forward.

We’re looking for players who are tired of playing solo, or want a good team, wanting to get into Machinima, or have Machinima experience, host Tournaments, and be a part of something great.
We’re looking for players who will be dedicated enough to be on the website as much as they’re on XboxLIVE.
We’re looking for someone to help with promoting the UNSC on Facebook and Twitter.
We’re looking for dedicated SPARTANS. Dedicated to the game, dedicated to their unit, and dedicated to the greatness of the Clan.

What we offer:

We offer a full indulgence in the Halo universe.

  • UNSC Role Play: Write your own Spartan’s Story which will most likely be combined with others and become a part of a large story machinima.
  • O.N.I. Intelligence Gathering and Halo Information.
  • CT - Competitive Training (will Host our Tournaments, and represent the UNSC on Halo Waypoint forums with our stats.)
  • FORGE/Machinima Team (Right now we’re building maps, and writing scripts, and doing some filming. VOICE ACTORS NEEDED)
  • Halo Knowledge (at least 12 of us are Die Hard Halo fans, read the books, played all the games, etc.)
  • GEAR (Custom Clan Logo’d Gear, such as Dogtags, Tshirts, Hoodies, Posters, Mugs, etc. You name it, we’ll do what we can to get it.


The UNSC will be hosting Monthly Tournaments, WITH ACTUAL CASH PRIZES! YES, you heard right.
Rules and Information will be up Below, and on the website within a few days from now, so stay tuned.

There will be both FREE and PAID tournaments, so Join up, and participate.

What we need more than anything:

  • Dedicated players who want to be a part of a unit, team, group, brotherhood, and family. We’re here to help you get great, so long as you help us get great. Or, at least assist in our attempt.
  • Leaders who wish to help take the UNSC to its best place yet.


IF you slack off, are not on the site for more than 1 weeks, or fail to report to your Commanding Officer on a regular basis, you will be held over for court-martial, and possibly discharged from the UNSC.
We do not tolerate Complacency here. We’re here to prosper, grow, and progress. If you’re only going to join, to use the name for your own benefit, to say you’re a part of something, and never do any work, you won’t get far.

However, if you’re wanting to win, get a name out there, have fun, and help build something great, join with us.

Come and join the TROOPS of UNSC© Today.


Facebook: Troops Unsc

Come and Play the FUN out of Halo 4 with us.

Find your home…
Find your place…
Find your team…
Fulfill your Destiny…

Become a Spartan.

Still looking for Machinima/Forge/Grifball teammates. Join us folks. We’re here to serve.