Machinima Body actors needed

Hey, Waypoint! Name is ITouchYoFace, and i’ve recently scripted the first episode of a new machinima titled Project Inheritor. I need some help with body actors, all credit will be given where it’s due. Here’s the launch trailer:

I will help you and I have friends that want to be in one they are in my clan. I’m almost a hero and have a lot of my armor unlocked so if you need me

My gamer tag :bubbasicehouse

Don’t make the people bobbing

ill help just drop me a friend request and invite when filming

Hey I’m PatentPend1ng. If you want a body actor, I would be glad to help. If you need my help, send me a message on Xbox Live. I have some armor, and I can always buy more if you need it. So, looking forward to working with you.

I appreciate everyone wanting to help out! I’ll look into all of your characters and get back to you if I want you to work at our company. However, I would also like some help, one member said not to have the characters move their heads, do you think this is the best idea? Should characters move their heads when they talk or not?

Depends what style your Machinima is done in. Are you more “Arby and the Chief” or “Red Vs Blue”? I personally think there is too many RvB copycats; I also really enjoyed the Reach scenes from the last two seasons from Arby and the Chief.

KPRQ3, I would really enjoy helping as a body actor. I have 86% armory completion so if there is a character or style you want just let me know. If you need another voice actor let me know.

how many episodes are u willing to make…i can help

contact me at my GT


send a msg i would like to help GT MommaBoy05

GT: frankietryshard

Add or message me when/if you want me to help, I’ll help with body acting.

Willing to help. Send friend request. If I’m playing another game just send me an invite. Won’t be on sundays though.

ill help just add me my GT is drawnstarkiller

GT: Bfranx

Can be voice and body actor

If you ever have a seen with someone driving, ill be the driver