Machinima Body Acting 8/4/12 9pm EST

Hey everyone Meanscreen Productions here, I’m doing a body acting session tonight at 9pm est time. I’m going to need mature and well listening players. I have to basically fill a full lobby, and we’ll be doing a lot of armor changes and movements.

If you’re interested then post in this thread and I’ll invite you tonight at that time. Also my GT is Phat M0nk3y4.

Here is my previous work if you’re not convinced on my professionalism. (We will be doing Part 2 of Operation Resurrect)

Operation Resurrect Part 1:

Zion Unknown Hero:

Hope to get a positive reaction in a short time thanks everyone!

I’m in. PM on xbl when you are ready. GT is same as it is here.

Me too. But I see that it is past the time that you said it would be, so message me if you need another person for another time. My GT is the same as on here.