Machinima Auditions For Machinima Mini/Main Series

Commander (Minor F)- I want This Man back here sitting on my desk so help me god i will break you in more then five places

Grant (Major) Guys… We have two options…We Run? Or We Run and Shoot…Take Your Pick?

Flame 1(Mild F) (Pilot): Well As You Can See There Is a lot Of Blue Lasers…I am not Going In There…

Flame 2 (Mild)- Let’s Go… Cmon Stop Wasting Time I Dont Have All Day…

(There are 1 liner like A Random Spartan and elite so if u want to help with just seconds to add a little voice to a project just ask)

Email Demos to

Due: 1/15/12

Thanks IF U looked at this POST UR AWESOME but…If U want to be awesomer…Than try out! -Wink-Wink-

Thanks, Michael The Director

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This looks great. Just FYI, threads like this belong in the “Recruiting” section of the forum, so I’m going to move the thread there now. Good luck with the auditions!

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