Machine gun/ plasma turret idea

I had this thought last night and I thought I’d share it with you guys. I was thinking of 2 things that IMO would make using the Machine gun turret and the Plasma turret much cooler:

  1. Staying in first person view when using the turret.

  2. When taking it off the tripod you still retain the first person view when carrying it.

  3. Being able to sprint when carrying the turret. This could be balanced by having the sprint speed when carrying the turret the same as a normal running speed without the turret and have the normal running speed with the turret the same as usual.

I think it’d definitely add a cool new spin to the gameplay in Halo 4. Using the turret would require more reliance on your team if you’re playing team slayer and you could have more mobility than other games when carrying the turret. So, what do ya think?


C’mon, guys. What do you think? To me it sound pretty cool.

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Also, I like the idea of being able to run at normal speed while using the turret. I dislike being able to stay in 1st person, though.

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The sprinting with a turret idea I like. Gives it a purpose in this fast-paced game.

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> C’mon, guys. What do you think? To me it sound pretty cool.

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Anyways on topic: I would stay in third-person and run slow with the turret, you’d be like a warthog with legs otherwise.

It is more of a weapon meant for supressing fire rather then hunting for kills.

I think it would be neat to have 1st person POV for everything, but that is me, the ability to sprint while carrying it though? that is different, unless you were like Jorge in reach, he could sprint but he is still slower than the others. I just wish you could rip them off vehicles, not like warthogs, but falcons and stuff like that.

Awesome idea. Although, I think the first person should be optional. (either as an option in the settings menu or as a button on the controller)