Mac Blast

Far too weak. So much so as to be practically worthless. Fully upgraded, the impact radius isn’t as big as in Halo Wars 1, obviously it only does one instead of 4 when upgraded and the fact it struggles to wipe out even infantry often times is pretty ridiculous!

Yeah seems far weaker than it should be

Man I understand. My friend and I were playing and I was UNSC and he was Covies. His glassing beam was waaaaaaay more devastating than my MAC cannon. For how many points you need to fully upgrade it, it should definitely be stronger.

By contrast the Covies cleansing beam still absolutely devastates. Makes no sense!

Well i do agree with that, the mac blast compared to the cleansing beam is just worthless lol.

the older system was better - made you feel worth upgrading.

the problem with new powers is theres no cost to upgrade - just a commander point.

very weak, should be doing more damage

I didn’t use it for a strategic purpose instead I used it for the heck of it. I have it so I might as well use it.

It can even take out marines! Where as the cleansong beams can easily take out half helath of vehicles

Everyone said it, it’s not worth the upgrades. Not satisfying at all to use

I’ve never trained it. The other powers are much more appealing. Increased Veterancy? Yes plz

Its very worth the upgrade. If there is a clump of marines, lets say 4, thats 720 supplies. A single Mac blast is worth 300 supplies (plus a little bit of energy) you can clean out half, and then some of each group of marines. Thats 360 resources at the cost of 300 and some energy.

You know whats called? Balance.

Know when and how to use it.

The old MAC blast looked like a frigging meteor barreled onto the field made a hole in the world. Now it looks like someone dropping a particularly big turd from the sky.

Apparently they loaded a single tin can into the guns instead of the normal massive Tungsten and DU rounds.