M68 Gauss Cannon vs M555 Gauss Cannon

Which one would you rather have. I prefer the m68 gauss its pure human technology and still badass. I am human purist sorry and prefer humans to create there own weapon technology and only reverse engineer technology for other purposes. But I also prefer the look of the m68 gauss cannon its so bad -Yoink- This is only my opinion please tell me yours

I prefer the M555. A cumbersome, hulking death machine. Gotta love how it opens itself on the sides after every shot.

I kinda miss the look of the M68. The huge freaking barrel just shouts “Your in for a world of hurt buddy!”

M68 but it’s a hard one to choose between.

Between those two alone? M68, loved the feel of it.

I like them both, but I prefer the look of the M68. The M555 just looks too much like a brick