M&K Competitiveness needs to be addressed

With movement mechanics as they are, given extremely high strafe acceleration, the proliferation of crouch spamming techniques, sprinting and sliding, thruster, repulsor, and grappleshot combined, playing on mouse and keyboard in high level competitive scrim matches is extremely unforgiving. Aim Assist has always been an advantage on MCC in Halo 3, Reach, 4, H2A, and so on, but the extremely twitchy evasive movement in infinite makes tracking targets consistently on M&K nearly impossible at a high level. Aim assist massively helps in this regard for the overwhelming majority of close-to-medium range BR fights, whereas M&K players are left to do all the work on their own.

The movement is seriously too fast. I can’t claim to be an Onyx player or whatever, but I am currently Diamond 3, and have mostly spent my time doing scrims and tournaments rather than grinding ranked. Personally i feel like crouch spamming is already an issue that needs to be solved, and while you’re at it, IMO, i think that strafe acceleration needs to be reduced, enemy players just move so quickly in a quite jarring way, having spent the last 800 hours of my time in Halo playing Halo 3 on MCC.


Why do you play crossplay when you know it’s unbalanced?

You’re not gonna get fairness there.

Can’t exactly do that when I’m doing scrims for tournament play, can I? Tournaments are functionally mandatory crossplay.

And even then, if you want to play with more than 1 other person in ranked, you also don’t have a choice, Open Ranked is also mandatory crossplay.

I guess we just have to hope we get to fully choose between crossplay or not at launch. Because for now playing against the opposite input type is just very uneven due to a multitude of factors.

Honestly ranked is broken you could lose every game and rank up i never thought i would see such half ----- attempt at competitive matchmaking they need to add mlg swat lone wolves snipers something with skill not just oddball and stronghold which requires absolute zero skill

Welp, that sucks. Good luck in the tourney.

there is no pc only mode bud