Lynk is recruiting! (Halo 5)

Lynk is a mercenary clan, where the members are respectful and friendly.
Our jobs include hunting targets and guarding meetings or clan recruitment lobbies.

If you wish to join, expect the following -

  • Mentoring, we’ll teach you everything we know about the game and it’s maps. - Targets, we often train our skills as mercenaries by giving you targets in matchmaking - Family, we always have each others backs no matter what. - Variety, we have players of all skill levels and players who like all different types of gametypes.We also have three branches within Lynk.

  • Casual - Meaning, you do not work as a mercenary and simply enjoy playing the game. - Raider - Meaning, you participate in clan raids. - LK - Meaning, you are a competitive player and participate in 4v4s as well as esports-type events.Discord