LXM recruitment

LXM Presidential Guard is Recruiting
Progress to Achilles
70% Overall
Helmet: 50%
Armor: 80%
Discord Required
Server Link: Discord
About: Join the LXM Presidential Guard, part of the larger Lotus 'Xin Mercenaries (LXM), founded and led by LXM Volo since 2013. The Presidential Guard is LXM’s elite military division, and although training is emphasized, no previous skill requirements are required to join. However, all members must remain active and participate in clan events, to show dedication to the Presidential Guard, or face removal.
★ Joining the Presidential Guard ★:
In order to join the Presidential Guard, do NOT apply to our spartan company directly, or you WILL be rejected. Those who are serious about joining the Presidential Guard should fill out and submit the application form located here: http://www.lxmhalo.com/join-lxm.html (copy and paste into the URL bar), and then must select the Presidential Guard as their preference. This will guarantee acceptance into the company.

Hey Zeus,
Im interested in joining LXM, is there anything I need to know before joining?