(LX0) Halo 4 Competitive clan playing v4

Message XBLGT: LX0 Twisted to JOIN! find us @www.lifexpectancy0.com
LiFeXpectancy0 is primarily a competitive “Multi-Halo” Pro Clan. Dedicated members ensure quality in forms of skill, respect, and organization. LX0 ranking structure is based off of “Bungies Halo 2” Clan folder ranks. Clanbattles as well as Gamebattles are accepted. Active members practice in MLG variant rules and excel in game set-ups. Highly competitve yet easy going group help create chemistry within, which allows room for fault without judgement. Other forms of game variants are accepted for challange; Slayer pro, team arena, and team snipers. Become a Champion by participating in LX0 tournaments and events.

LX0 FaceBook! https://www.facebook.com/Lifexpectancy0

also Message LX0 Twisted

LX0 is managed by well dedicated and skilled members who have been certified to lead custom games and matchmaking. Members avidly participate in 4v4 internal skirmishes to achieve knowledge in LX0 game set-ups as well as maintaining prime talent. Leader responsibilities are to connect and communicate with members, stay organized, and assist when needed. Members are divised into 8 player battle squads, with a staff leader.
In addition to leadership ranks, separate dedication incentive ranks are availiable.
Dedication ranks are earned, eligabilty for each ranks must come with a requirement to participate on a regular basis.

-LiFeXpectancy0 is not a mandatory clan but an opportunity clan, which means we give you the tools for success, it is your choice whether or not to capitalize on it or be left behind. One wont be booted or punished for missing events or appoinments but one will be “out of the loop”.

-LX0 Follows the classic kindergarden golden rule

Clan LiFeXpectancy0 is a group of players trying to enhance skill in Halo Reach online matchmaking by no means are we tied to any legalities nor do we except any revenue for our time and effort.

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My name is Goldenbudda21 and I am the residing Chairman of the Halo 4 clan, The Dark Order of the Sith. I come to you today seeking aid. We are a clan of more than 100 members but are on the brink of war. This war has estimated 7 or more clans and we ask you to come aid us and fight. Rewards include alliance with our clan which will ensure future battles between us and you for the fun of playing. If you are interested in a Halo 4 war of clans, contact us at our website: http://www.dark-sith-order.com/ We await your arrival.

Dark Order of the Sith

Are you guys accepting Scrims ? If you are interested, send me a message.

Yeah we do accept skrims, its helps to test each other

If you have 100 members you don’t need US

add LX0 Plague for tryout


Interested in playing more competitive AGL and MLG gametypes?

Enlist Now


sure i’ll try out

sure i’ll try out

well yay! ill play with you soon

You havn’t been on

Any body else?

we stream on twitch now

New MLG v1 out!

it is not mandatory to change your name



Golden don’t recruit on someone else’s thread.
It isn’t fair to the OP.