so the new lvling system with the specializations is kinda confusing… do you still lvl after you hit 50? and is there a lvl cap of you do?

When you reach SR50, you will be able to pick a specialization. Each spec has 10 lvl’s. When you reach SR60 ( Spec - SR10 ) you can choose another spec. This process repeats until SR130 which is currently the max rank we have now.

As a tip when you are near the end of a specilization, say level 59 and you need a lillt e bit of xp, dont finsh a challange or commendation that will award you alot of xp, you gain the xp required to level up from 59 to 60 but the remaining xp will not abnk and you will lose it. Hate to see you need 5000 xp to finsh a specialization but finsh a challange worth 15000 and you lose 10000 xp.