Lvl 70 question

Ok so last night I hit lvl 70 and I was wondering about how this level cap works. I know it is to be lifted whenever I get my email between now and the 30th, but in the mean time am I going to be wasting my commendations and the 15 games of dew xp I have left on there? In Halo Reach when they had the Lieutenant Colonel Grade 3 level cap, once the cap was lifted all the ex you gained while on the cap was added up instantly. Does anyone know if this is the cases here?

The cap doesn’t work like reach, any additional xp gained is wasted

Really? That is a bummer… Thanks for the help!

Also if u playd your 15 games u will lost them once i cap the daily limit … Like everyday but i had 24 dbl xp left and when i had my xp back i lost all of them while playing for no credit loll …