Lvl 70 Cap

So I tried to get the Limited Edition, but due to supply problems my gamestop couldn’t pre order me one. I settled very happily with a regular edition and have been enjoying my copy every day several hours a day since release.

This has created a problem. I am halfway through level 67, and my other friends are already level 70. In the game we cannot rank up past 70 so is our experience just going to go to waste?

It seems pretty unfair. I tried pre ordering the limited edition, but because it was limited, and because I actually enjoy the game, I seem to be getting punished for wanting to play.

Anyone got an answer?

Watch your Windows Live ID email for a code on Nov. 30th to unlock the remaining 6 specializations.

-Yoink- that. I’m sick of 343, they -Yoinking!- murdered halo

You don’t just cap off multiplayer, some people really don’t have anything better to do, I just hit level 70 and because I didn’t wanna pay more now I’m at the mercy of 343 to level up whenever the -Yoink- they come out with specializations, I was already pissed about the daily xp cap

-Yoinking!- retarda advertising double xp and hen capping it off, I can’t express how -Yoinking!- stupid that is 343, I hope they read this and know that they lost me, and several of my friends, we all just went in collectively as a group and sold our halos at GameStop, 15 copies, and I bet there’s more than that coming in every day

-Yoink- you 343. I loved halo as a kid and I played every single one but when you limit the amount I can play it than you don’t -Yoinking!- deserve my time. -Yoink- you.

i am stuck at 70 to man all we can do is wait for the email.