Lvl 60 looking for solid west coast clan

I don’t suck and I’m not a 12 year old. Hit me up if you’re having tryouts. I have MLG experience in Halo, Rainbow 6, CoD, and Gears. I shoot stuff. A lot.


Gamertag: HATECRIMEx

If you would like to join a clan/community check us out at []
We are a very active clan and we support many games ( BF3, MW3 BLACK OPS, HALO, ASSASSINS CREED 3, and GHOST RECON ). We are looking for anyone who is interested in having a good time and playing to have fun and playing to win. We are strongly against disrespectful and any immature gamers and are non skill based. Anyone is welcome as long as they are least 15. We have many members of different races both male and female from around the world. We are very female gamer friendly (i.e. no sexual harassing or trying to date online). Anyone interested check us out. We are recognized by clanvision and the central outpost as a legit gaming clan/community. We have been an established clan on xbox live since 2008.

Hey P0pSh0t21 here to talk to you about Pookie clan. Weve grown from a mere 3 to 35 over the past couple weeks. We have some really cool players and all are very skilled. We have something for everyone from our competitve side to our casual side. We also do clan tournaments for prizes and so on.

What were looking for:
-18 and up
-Chill attitude we dont need the guys that think there godly and think there going to go pro with this game in like 2 weeks
-Plays well as a team
-Has a working mic
-Cant rage quit games your going to win some and loose some just get over it.
-Sign up on the website and be active on the forums

Thats all we ask of our members were a really relaxed clan. We play together very well and always have fun when we play. If you dont join your missing out that i can promise you.

So if interested guys go to the website and fill out the recruitment application it will be answered within an hour or two as i am almost always on the site. Well good gsming guys and thanks for taking your time to read this.

we participate in GameBattles