Lvl 35, no banshee, no tank, no wraith or gungoose

I started with gold packs, then silver, bronze for a bit and back to silver now. Any ideas?

No gungoose? Wat.

I want to say I got my scorpion and banshee out of the req bundle packs.

what requisitions do you have for vehicles?

You should have opened bronze first, then silver, then gold.

I’m 62 and recently got Banshee and Wraith. Have fun

lvl 31 I got no wraith , mantis, banshee, or scorpion

I swear I had 50 corp and 50 reg scorpion tanks by the time I reached level 30.

That’s incredibly unlucky. Keep at it the games hardy been out a month. I buy all silver packs.

“No gungoose”


> 2533274883849234;10:
> “No gungoose”
> Impossible

I feel like Luke Skywalker saying “That’s not true…that’s impossible!” would fit the scene nicely.

Level 41 no visors, banshees, wraiths, or tanks.

Normally you should start off with bronze packs, this is the way I played and got most of them:

  • Bronze Pack (opened it with more than 25 times) - Silver Pack (opened it more than 70 times) - Gold Pack (present-)By this way, I kept getting so many:

  • Rares, Ultra Rares and rarely Legendary Items - Scorpions - Sniper Rifles - Banshee’s - And So On…So it’s basically like: Bronze = Silver to Gold
    To get 50/50 of legendary items continuously, I think the Premium REQ card is the way or no perman unlocks…

I’ve been doing silvers and bronze and I have all of those except Banshee. I suggest you stick to silvers.

Level 63 and I don’t have a banshee, wraith, mantis, or gauss/rocket hogs. I’ve barely been opening gold packs though.

My advice is open more bronze packs and you’ll most likely get the default gungoose.

I’m 57 and have no banshees. I have the oni gungoose, sword and ultra ghost, normal scorpion, normal wraith and sword wraith, oni warthog and all the camo warthogs. I got all of these in silver packs.

> 2533274883849234;10:
> “No gungoose”
> Impossible

I’m at 38 and just got gungoose last night. I never open bronze packs though

Well, if I’m being perfectly honest, you’re not really missing out on the gungoose.
You’ve had to of gotten some good stuff besides those vehicles, right? I got the Scorpion cert, and I want the banshee cert as well. You’ll have to get them eventually, each pack you open the chances get higher.

Game’s been out a month. Did you really expect to unlock everything in four weeks?

I’m level 37 and so far I’ve unlocked the Ultra Banshee (though I haven’t gotten any more of the cards outside of the initial 3 that came with the certification) a Ghost, a Sword Ghost, the Wraith and 11(ELEVEN!!!) various Warthogs and Mongooses. On top of that, literally every single one of the Random Vehicle cards I’ve used except for one which gave me a Phaeton have all given me either a Mongoose or a Warthog. Like I’m to the point now where I don’t even use them anymore, I sell every Random Vehicle card I get.