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Space Station Remix is basically Space Station 2.0

Space Station “The Movie”

The Space Station Remix Download

With about twice the interior space, the latest version gives you a playable, fully tested map. This map was built with one-flag in mind, but is set-up for oddball, slayer, KOTH and Headhunter. MANY changes have been made, even to the areas that look the same. The previous map had complicated teleporters to travel the map. The map now only has one teleporter, reduced from 3. There is also about twice the floor area, and many more ways to access the various floors. The flag has been moved to the center of the bridge to help give the defensive team a chance, yet not allowing them to “camp” the flag too hard. The sniper has also been moved to help the flow of traffic, so its not always a huge battle to get up the newly built back stairwell. Aside from the increased interior size, the map has undergone asthetic changes to ceilings/stairwells, just to clean up the look of them. There has also been a couple more DMR’s added to the map. The way the map sits now, is that there’s 3 ways into the Defensive base to access the flag, and two ways out. The spawns work amazingly well, and the rocket starts in an open room accessible by both teams from the start of each round.

Weapons on map:

Sniper Rifle - Floor 3
Rocket Launcher - Floor 2
Sword - Floor 1
Needle Rifle
Plasma Rifle
Plasma Pistols
Frags & Stickies


Loadout screen

Offensive Base - The Loading Bay

New Areas 1

New Areas 2

New Areas 3

New longer Detention level hallway

Room above Defensive base - Now with one-way doors on lifts

New Areas 4