idk why but today I noticed that in almost every post I read I see and I was wondering if it’s happening for any one else or if it just has to do with the website.
EDIT: I put the title in my post and it dissapeared.

I’m seeing it too, maybe when you add a space on the line.

It’s been happening to me too, it must be something with the website.

You can’t actually type it and have it appear in your post but if you edit your post it appears I think.edit…

> I’m seeing it too, maybe when you add a space on the line.

Ya it happens if you press enter to go down a line.

The forums appear to be broken today. :S

Could it be that they are updating them in anticipation of tomorrow? Or would the whole thing be down for some type of major change/update?


Apparently this problem was solved by clearing your cache if I understand what it is you mean.

> The forums appear to be broken today. :S

Um today… try just plainly broken, these forums has more bugs than you think.
thing is the most noticed because if you quote some one, they show up, if you edit your post, they show up.
But also, if you copy a quote from another post, and try to post it into your new post, it pasts the text right on top of the text in your new post.

If you type a message that’s longer than the text box for posting, and hit enter, it jumps you back to the top of the text box until you type something.

If you copy and past something from a post on these forums, and post it into the text box in the “post editor” it shows up as black, which is hard to see. It would be nice to be able to pick if you use a basic post editor, where inorder to change color of the text you got type in the coding.

> The forums appear to be broken today. :S

:C My machinima threads are destroyed!

My machinima daily, how to do machinima thread is a disaster, hope they can change that!

Everything is back to normal for me now. How about you guys?

Perhaps it was just a little hickup.

for some reason i seem to be seeing all the BBcode in all of the posts i look at instead of a word apearing in bold it shows up with (strong) infront of it, just replace the () with <> same for returns intead of a break i see (br /) can i get some help with fixing this?

> Everything is back to normal for me now. How about you guys?
> Perhaps it was just a little hickup.

looks like it. It happens every now and then.

im still seeing it, have been since last night/really early today

Still broken for me.

What’s broken?
Test one two, hello type type to edit.

Edit 3: Nothing’s broken for me. It seems normal.

Yeah, sorry guys no problems here either. Like a previous member posted maybe you all might need to clear out your cache.

I stopped having problems when I started signing out and the end of the day, and signing back in through XBL. No more autosign in for me.
Haven’t had any problems since.


Everytime someone hits the Enter key to have a space it adds something that looks liker that. I cant see this on regular posts nor have i ever. However if i go to edit my post i can see those symbols.

<4 <343

the forum was changing something apparently…its doing some auto correct crap every time i try explaining. so never mind.

I’m not seeing the problem, but if I can clear something up, the BR you’re referring to is the way HTML designates a line break, which is simply when you separate paragraphs with the Enter keys. I’m betting the issue you guys have run into was probably based on some admin working with the background scripting in the forums. I’m not seeing any issues now, so clearing your browser’s cache should return things to normal.