LSS: Not very well thought out

343s weak attempt at a semi BR game.

Whats the point of having lives at the end of the game when it spawns you in the storm and have to make your way to zone with enemies waiting for you…then to take you down when you have half your shields?

Absolutely pointless.

Try again 343.

In fact, lets have a different developer take over halo.


Yea they definitely have to fix that or remove the “lives” altogether and make it a FFA score based system.
Yesterday I was caught in a Showdown with me having 1 Life and the other guy having 2 Lives left.

I beat them because I depleted one of their lives, they died again out of the safe zone, then I killed him once more when he manages to run into the safe zone in time. Felt good to win an LSS but that was such a cheap win.

This just happened to me and it’s why I’m actually here. Had like 3 left and kept on spawning outside. It sucked. There should be some sort of spawn protection for this game mode only and only against danger zone damage


I’d like to add that a very important stat that should be on the scoreboard is the “exp gains” stat. There was a guy with a BR and only had 10 kills, while I had 14 and he beat me because the BR is so deadly in this game mode.

The amount of spawnkills is also ridiculous. Being spawnkilled can literally ruin the entire match for you. And it happens. Often. Who wants to spawn being shot in the back in a limited life game?