LSS not tracking

So 6 matches played today all LSS not a single xp gain.
This game hates fun.

I dont even like the mode but challenges.
Already regret reinstalling this disaster.
Mcc still better in e ery concievable way

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Close Infinite, open back up. Voila!

Except not at all. That isnt a fix.

There is a known issue with LSS challenges not showing progress correctly however in all the instances I’ve seen:

  • Staying to the end of a LSS match
  • Quitting the game and launching the game again

Results in the progress being updated.

If you’ve tried those and they aren’t working then I’d raise a support ticket.

In the end I sent a ticket.
It wasnt just LSS challanges. Even the play a match challenges werent functional.
Ultimately i power cycled the console for a while and it seemed to fix.

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Glad to hear you were able to sort it out, I know it’s frustrating when challenges don’t track correctly.

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