LSS feedback, focusing on keeping the players moving

To begin with the main issue with thr game mode are the lul segments where people wait for the circle to shrunk to meet others. As such making the circle close down even sooner would help on engagements between multiple players to happen sooner.

Secondly theres an issue with a specific playstyle that is incentivised currently where one waits time out in a corner where they cant be seen until the end of the match, Id like to propose orbital strikes, like the easter egg on campaign, to happen around the map constantly to keep people moving and unable to stay in one spot.


Start people with literary anything but the disruptor.

Allow radar.

Remove overshield pickups.


I respectfully disagree

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No to all three IMO. Disruptors fine as a starting weapon,. You’re suppose to work to get better weapons. That’s how these game modes generally work.

Motion tracker would just help campers more. Since they don’t appear on it, people moving around would.

They were a problem when all drop pods had either the over shield or camo in them. They are far more reasonable deal with how drop pods can have any of the equipment pieces now. I presume if they make new equipment, it’ll make it even more difficult to get the better options more items deluding it.

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Some games i get trapped with nothing but the disruptor.
Half the game

Keep getting assists.

Or killed by multiples or from behind.

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Disruptor’s actually a pretty good weapon, you just have to get as many shots as you can into an opponent.

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I believe you only need like 100 points to get the Assault Rifle. That’s what, one kill? Two assists? It doesn’t take much at all to get the first upgrade. Even if you have a rough start, you’re going to get to the next weapon fairly quickly.

The best way to quickly build points is to steal kills, like in every FFA game mode. Let two people start a fight, and you finish both of them.

With motion tracker disabled, I use sounds to often find where enemies are before they enter my point of view. Learn to track people by their foot steps…

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I know the basics.
But there’s nothing to enjoy here.

Its significantly harder than every other mode.

I Skiped all “kill” challenges for LSS, until i get complete match ones.

Use my 5 lives to get atleast 1 kill, AFK

You must get better players then I did, and on the first day usually everyones burning through events to get all the items. With a few rounds where I did do poorly, most of the time I would get around 6-9 kills even though I spent the entire match half assing it. Probably because I focused on stealing kills mostly. Kill one of two players duking it out, usually the one you think is the better player, then finish off the other, who by now probably has no shields already while you have full health.

It’ll probably get easier as time goes on and the better players move back into their normal play lists though.

Btb maps are 80% kill box.

100 angles of death.

I prefer close quarters.
The destroyed btb map is nice in a few places

I can agree that if there was a like 8 person LSS on the Arena maps, that would be kinda cool. Allows more CQB gameplay allowing for more styles of play to succeed in the gamemode

forcing player movement is so critical for this mode. Games are artificially extended by people hiding in the back of the map. The zone needs to shrink much sooner. As it currently stands, you’re punished for seeking out fights because by the end of the match, people hiding have multiple lives up on you for playing the mode as expected. Not a good combination. You’ll have players with 8-12 kills losing because people hiding just have more respawns than players actually playing the game

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I’m just happy this appears to be the last event with this mode. My feedback is to not do another.

I’d rather no Camo or Overshield period. It’s really not fun where you are going for the kill and they just pop on an Overshield and it’s like wow, you really just pulled that on me huh. Considering now drops are highly random, you could also be scavenging hard like the other dude but you got a Repulsor while they got an Overshield and you just have to accept it when they overshield during your little duel.

Other equipment and nades are enough of a game changer in duels, leave Overshield and Camo out of this.

Entire LSS simply boils down to:
FFA Slayer + gungame but not balanced at all.

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They need to give more powerful weapons sooner. The more you hide, the less XP you are earning overall. And just straight up nerf XP from collection of AI. It’s dumb how someone who has hidden all game can collect 3 - 4 AIs and come out on top with Commando/Bulldog.

Here are all the changes I would do to LSS:

Kills - 200 XP
Rank up - XP increased to 200, 400, 650, 1000, 1200, 1750, 2200, 2500
AI collection - 150 XP
Lives - 1 + 5 respawns

Droppods - Marked on map and everyone knows where it is. Droppod if interacted with will give 1 Respawn and 100 XP as well as one random Equipment with 1 use.

Overshield and Camo removed.

Grenades - Removed from map pickup. 1 stock Plasma Grenade with a 20s cooldown as default for all players. Good for sticking and flushing players out, but not spammable. It’s not good for people to run around with a 4 pocketed nades just tossing them.

Have they changed the frequency of the overshield and camo drops?

Last time I played LSS, those drop rates were ridiculous.

When the game mode original came out like every pod had either an active camo or over shield.

Every game I played since Tuesday to clear the event pass, I would only see them on fairly rare occasions. In one situation I had both, and that was probably the only time I saw someone with both an active camo and over shield.

Most of the pod drops seeming just have regular equipment, which honestly isn’t really worth investing time into getting honestly. Usually too much risk vs very little reward…

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I don’t like the orbital strike idea, but much faster circles I do agree.

I strongly disagree. Hiding from other players is a legitimate strategy for elimination modes. It should have a time limit instead of the danger zone. The goal of elimination is to survive, which isn’t necessarily achieved by being the best slayer and getting the most kills. That’s what regular slayer is for.

The disruptor does bonus headshot damage once they’re no shields if that helps

It helps me, I kill the crap out of people with it in LSS