LSS disappears with an hour left to complete weekly ultimate


Ive still got another hour 343!!! This is some BS, first the heatwave challenge is more difficult that it should be because of the jamming bug, and now this???


Now 36 mins to go and it hasn’t returned. I’ve restarted the game and it hasn’t brought it back.


i got the exact same issue over here still half an hour to go and the gamemodes gone kinda annoying as i am missing out on some items


Like I shouldn’t be surprised, talk about amateur hour at 343, literally. They can’t even program the right time on a counter.

It’s amazing this game works at all sometimes. It’s just stuff like this that makes them look REALLY BAD.


Watch - now they’ll give everyone the unlocks for the event as long as you played the second week.


As they bloody well should!

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17 mins…

Oh look, they updated the store though. How convenient they got the timing on THAT right.


I hate LSS som much that i feel obligated to appologising from willingnit out of existence haha

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2 mins to go

20 coconuts standing in a row

It sucks that this happened to you, but to be fair, 343 gave everyone the start and end times with plenty of time in between to finish the Event.

But on another note, this is an example of (F)eeling (O)f (M)issing (O)ut that players have been talking about in Infinite. Even though there was a specific start and end time posted by 343, if one emergency pops up, a birthday or holiday, or even if you get backed up at work… you could be missing out on some of the only scarce content given out just for playing the game. All because life made you put video games on hold or maybe a certain bug or lack of challenge swaps made you take longer than you expected.

I miss the old days where you could play Halo and get the full experience all year long, now it’s chopped into pieces and sold to us bit by bit through the seasons and the in-game store.


How can you say they gave us enough time and then cut the very mode short by an hour? LSS didn’t have a set time to go away, interfence did and it was exactly the same time as the challenge.

That like taking a test, the teacher saying you have three hours to do the test and then take the pencils away at the two hour mark. You can’t use all the time you were given.


i decided to make a support ticket about the issue as its clearly seems like a unintentional issue so i hope 343 can do something to fix this


I get what you mean, and it sucks they shut it down an hour early on you but there was a whole two weeks before this cutoff. Still, it’s not fair they shut it down early, especially when they know damn well this is a timed exclusive event that probably won’t be coming back for a little while at least. The bugs and other issues didn’t help either. By no means am I jumping to blindly defend 343, but maybe next time don’t wait until the last hour… you should know 343’s work ethic is like tossing dice at random.

I did too, I just hope it gets enough atttention


I’m not talking about the event. I’m talking about the LSS in the playlist. That doesn’t have a timer, at least one were priivy to.

I’ve got interference done.

I’m talking about the weekly. The weekly ultimate was still an LSS challenge. You don’t get two weeks for a weekly, let alone the ultimate. If I get 168 hours to complete my challenges, if life makes me having to play until that last hour, I shouldn’t be penalized, I’m still using my last hour the same as though it was my first.

The only difference is they cut LSS from the playlist an hour early than the weekly end time, there by only giving us 167 hours and preventing us from completing.

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Oh yeah, I misread your title.
I thought you were talking about the LSS Event.

Now, I see where your frustrations are coming from. Still, I would try not to rely on the last hour anymore. Shove that extra hour in on an earlier day if possible so you can avoid another mistake by 343.

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Didnt it end exactly when 343i had said jt would? It qasnt tied tk the weekly reset.

This is a good thing.

It’s yet another problem that 343 will apologise for and award 5 challenge swaps.

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I better not get freaking swaps. I want my coating.

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No, cause the modes don’t have timers on them, at least ones we can see.