LSS and Rumble Pit aren't popular for one reason

Stating facts on things you do genuinely do is now considered insulting? Well, the abusing the system comment is a suggested possibility, but the rest you do in fact do. Maybe if you showed signs of actually caring about someone other then yourself and take other peoples concerns into considerations a bit more then just dismissing them people would actually be nicer to you.

I hate rumble pit challenges. Hate them. SBMM is absolutely horrendous.

It’s difficult to win in FFA’s in general by yourself. There’s way more luck involved then standard matched. You’re going to mostly lose unless you’re exceptionally good at FFA’s.

I’d honestly suggest playing them on the concept of playing well instead of trying to actually win them.

the trick here is to not put solos against groups

This has potential I guess to fix the issue. Suck for those in parties that treat it normally though.

Would be happy with that.

But at some stage it just becomes easier for the squad to play their own custom game?


So you want to be able to play as a team against a bunch of individual FFA players? :thinking: I thought the first few replies were sarcasm but apparently not :joy: There’s a lot of patheticness on here but I think this wins.

Try a team playlist?

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I’m not even gonna bother lowering myself to your level.

Disagreeing isn’t dismissing. I’ve got nothing to prove to you or anyone else who’s solution to this conversation is to just go ‘lol you want to abuse the system’

That, is actual dismissive behaviour. It’s insulting and doesn’t even engage with what I’m saying.


I don’t want to or need to do that. Never said I did. You have eyes, try reading what I actually said.

Why do people who can’t discuss things in a civil manner even bother showing up. I don’t even know why I’m bothering with any of you, the 16 people who reacted with approval are more important than churlish naysayers.