LS: A Problem with Sprint and AR only starts

First let’s breakdown these two problems separately and then examine how together the they are even worse.

Sprint in its current form punishes pushes and rewards retreat. Because you must lower your weapon and there is a delay upon raising it, sprint is ineffective as an offensive tool, but highly effective for evading your opponent, because if they choose to chase you they must lower their weapon to do so. Though there are other problems with sprint, this is the main one we will be discussing once we address AR only starts.
Potential solutions to this sprint problem would be removing the delay when firing (not really a solution as sprint would still reward retreat over pushing), but my preferred solution would be just to remove sprint all together and increase base movement speed.

Though players should usually be at a disadvantage off spawn when their opponents have map control, AR only starts, stretch the gap too wide making the initial push for power weapons too pivotal to the end result of the game. Evenly matched teams should still be able to challenge after the initial push so that there is a healthy ebb and flow to the match where map control can potentially be taken and held by the losing team. The reason AR only starts are such an issue here is because teams with map and weapon control have not only an unhealthy range advantage, but also have multiple weapons equipped making cleanup kills much easier.
The simplest solution here, while still trying to preserve the developers intentions,would be to add magnum secondaries as though magnums have decent range their bloom, shots to kill, and clip size still would make them significantly inferior to any precision pickups on the map, while still giving players the ability to compete somewhat at range off spawn and give them a secondary to switch to if overwhelmed by multiple players, as anyone knows it is hard to take out multiple targets with a single AR magazine especially when those players are sporting 6 shot rockets and other power weapons.

Now why are these problems even worse together? AR start makes positioning very important due to their limited range making it almost imperative to either flank/ambush your opponent or immediately find another weapon to challenge with. Prior to sprint being implemented into the Halo series this may have been less of an issue as it would be easier to take advantage of a team with weak positioning, but now trying to flank or ambush a team with map control is silly as an intelligent player equipped with a precision weapon can just sprint out of AR range and dispose of their opponent without risk of even being shot once they know where they are on the map. This makes the only valid option against an intelligent opponent to immediately find and equip a different weapon, which still puts players at an unnecessary disadvantage as they scour the map for a weapon, which at the most spawns every minute and despawns almost immediately, which I suppose makes weapons spawns and despawns the third head of this Cerberus.

In short the goal of this playlist should be a classic arena experience, where map control and weapon spawns are essential to victory. But that doesn’t mean players need to be totally crippled off spawn. At the very least this playlist needs magnum secondaries. Through this change players would still be idiots to not pick up a BR or DMR, but they wouldn’t be completely useless off spawn. Map and weapon control will still be necessary for victory, it will simply allow players to properly defend themselves off spawn and successfully respond to long range call outs even if just to clean up a kill and not to truly push or challenge. Though the removal of sprint is admittedly secondary, I see no downside as it is apparent through polling the community that most would appreciate a sprint free playlist and legendary slayer seems like the perfect opportunity as it increases the importance of positioning and removing sprint will only magnify the goals of this playlist.

Thanks for reading.

I can agree with this. I’m not sure the sprint problem is as directly related to needing Magnums as you make it, though. That’s more of a map problem - which is admittedly the result of designing maps for sprint.

Anyway, Bravo’s logic for excluding Magnums makes sense if the maps could support it. But they don’t. So until / unless LS gets smaller maps, I second your post.

The Sprint weapon delay presumably was implemented with the intention of balancing sprint. It is a Sprint nerf, it forces players to pick and chose when to sprint and as such makes them sprint less. I remember people asking for this exact type of nerf back during Reach but in practice I think it just amplifies the problems sprint is causing.

It increases its effectiveness as an invasive ability whilst nerfing its offensive uses. I think a lot of people like sprint because it allows them to run and get into the action quicker but counter intuitively this is also the riskiest way to use it. Since sprinting into the action can likely cause you to run into a situation that you may be caught sprinting and defenceless. So it is best used running towards known safe areas, regrouping with team mates or running away from gun fights.

I can see little problems with reducing the weapon delay. Maybe the Shotgun would need a range nerf but that’s about it. I don’t think the delay created any real positive skill gap, if anything it just helps campers.

If Sprint was 10% slower and the weapon delay was halved I think it would work much better. And if utility weapon aim assist was lowered to help strafing we might not need faster base movement speed. Sprint wouldn’t be gone but it would be much more bearable.

I agree for the most part.

Sprint needs to go. The AR in H4 is not bad, but precision rifles would help.