Loyal fan of franchise very dissatisfied

I’ve played all the games of the Halo franchise and I am very unhappy with the way 343 has handled this specialization issue.

I have attempted many times to post thee whole Gamertag and YES 3x thing on the official forum concerning the issue and finally got it posted after 24 hours of buggy failure to post results.

I hope this gets fixed and I receive my codes soon. 343 has a lot of apologies to make. I feel as if they should give an additional free gift to the numerous number of fans who have also been rendered victim to this negligence of the studio.

If you agree feel free to rant and give ideas of how they can redeem themselves for there mistake in the first game of their Redeemer Trilogy.

Do you really think for a second that they and Microsoft are going to apologize to you and to others that didnt get the code , I mean im not attacking you in any way or form but do you think your get one ?

They should be in damage control in many peoples eyes.
Alienating players (accidentally or not) this early on is not good.
Call me crazy, but If they want most people to buy map packs, skins or even these specializations the community needs to still be playing this game and happy with it.