Lowest Commendation Level

i just wanna know which commendation has the least progress in your Spartan company. Our company’s lowest is first strike and I get the feeling many others is too. Does this one seem like it’s more work than all the others or is it just me?

Same, first strike is the commendation with the lowest progression in my company lvl 2 with 824 / 1500

First strike is definitely gonna be the last one for everyone. That’s why farming for kill commendations is pointless to my company. Even playing the game normally we’ll finish everything else way before we finish first strike.

My company is kinda new so all of ours are low, but I can tell you our highest is odley specific. We’re almost done with that one.

First strike but were almost there

Were 20 away from finishing out L2. Our only L2 left. A bunch on 5 but first strike is hard on WZ companies. We take a day every now and then to break up into solos and farm 1st strikes in SWAT annd FFA.

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