Lowering your weapon? PROBLEM!

hey, i know there are quite a few problems with halo 4 but lowering your weapon shouldn’t be on of them. I know its only possible to do it in a offline connection mode, the only problem that I find Extremely annoying is that when you want to walk with your weapon lowered the Spartan naturally raise it back up, defeating the point… this makes casual walking scenes for Machinimas look like combat ones, will there ever be a fix for this or is it just another problem…

I know it seems like im complaining, because i sorta am, theres just lots of little problems in halo 4 that in other halos like 3 and Reach were fine and now they have been ‘fixed’ and ruined, e.g. forge mode, the pieces were big enough in halo reach and now they are double the size, do they think that Spartans have grown since then…im not trying to be nasty to 343, halo 4 is potentially great game its just that they have done things that really didnt need doing…

Click start.

Go to controller options.

Look for the auto centering thing.

Turn it off.

Boom, problem solved.

That’s awesome, got any solutions to any of the other aforementioned issues?

actually, that was sarcasm, tested it myself, it does not stop spartans from raising their weapons when moving. so problem NOT solved, I’m afraid