Lower Weapon Issues (Non-Negative Request)

First things first, I know we’re all tired of the constant negativity and complaints from the community. I just want to say that I love H4 and am highly impressed/satisfied. This is just a small request I want to make to 343. I’ve seen a thread about this before, but I can’t find it to discuss about it. My friend and I want to make machinima, but there are some issues regarding the system for lowering weapons.

-Can’t lower weapon over xbox live: I know this is something we’ve dealt with forever, but it’s still an issue. I know it was removed from online because of potential glitching exploits. Now, i don’t know the technicalities of it, but couldn’t 343 block it from matchmaking, but allow it in online custom/forge? Not all of us have offices with multiple consoles system-linked. This would be a great privilage and I’m sure machinima creator’s would be grateful, I know I would.

-Lowered weapon raises when moving. Now this is more of a major issue than the other. Not being able to keep the wheapon down when moving will make a lot of non-action scenes look very awkward. I hope it’s possible to get this updated.

I know these issues aren’t as important to most as competitive gameplay is, but it shouldn’t be overshadowed by it. Thanks for reading. Please keep any replies positive and structured.