Lower Grunt Jockey HP

The vast majority of games I play, nobody even bothers to kill the jockey.

I don’t mind him being very powerful, but he kills even the heaviest of vehicles with such ease its very discouraging to spend REQs on him or even go after him.

If his HP was lower, I think he’d be a great boss!

He outright utterly discourages vehicles. It IS a problem, because one supercombine is enough to instakill a Scorpion. Needles that are, by the way, about two feet long. Maybe less with the backpack ones.

That’s the problem.

The barrage is too effective against vehicles, when it should be the go-to anti-infantry solution instead. It’s one you can dodge. But in a Banshee there’s zero counterplay at all. That’s no fun losing 6-7 req points because something was OP, in the blink of an eye.

They have to adjust how that works.

lowering the hp would be a bad idea since the jockey round only has 1 boss(him). pretty easy to beat