Lower Game Complete cR, increase Performance Bonux/Commendations

As it stands now, the system encourages players not to be as efficent as possible in their games, but rather to drag things out for maximum cR rewards. The end result is that players barely play the Objectives and holding said Objectives to spawn kill is a lot more commonplace now. I believe that shifting the emphasis from time spent in a game to the performance therein would do a lot to curb these behaviors.

Finally someone makes a post about this. Hopefully more people will post on this thread and 343i will see it. The cR system should awards player who pull off more headshots, assists, and even multikill medals way more credits than just a player who can complete a game. The winning team should be awarded base credits based on many factors as the team winning or losing and time finished, and then the individual should be awarded certain cR for certain medals they attained during the game. It will make players play the game to become better , play their very best, and have the feeling of being rewarded greatly if they pull off killtaculars, overkills, etc. I don’t see any disadvantages to this.

Our global ranking system should stay as it is over all playlists, but ranked playlists must come back, each with their own ranking ladder and leveling up system. This way players will be able to play “socially” for credits on the nonranked playlists, which makes it fun if you win or lose, and then Competitive play on the Ranked Playlists, but Ranked will also add to your Global Ranking as well as in its own leveling system.