Low key annoyed I cant get all the reach armor in the BP

So we get the kits/sets, nice option if you want to copy the look 100% but I like to mix and match, reach being my first and really favourite game of the series especially armor wise it was a no brainer to get the BP.

However I didnt know the sets was locked and so many armor pieces are missing, I always used carters bigger shoulder but its not in there… gorges other shoulder not there etc. And it’s a real shame this is a factor, limiting things so much even down to the shaders is abit of a let down tbh


Yea it’s ridiculous.

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It’s also mildly annoying having left and right shoulder pieces separated in the BP. Shoulders should both unlock in a single level. This change alone would offer a lot more content overall.

The bare minimum should have been that all the Reach Armor be there. I use the operator helmet, Emile’s shoulder and Carter’s Shoulder, and the UA/CHOBHAM. All of which are missing and the stuff that is there is lacking. Emile’s chest piece is missing the flare like the grenade belt, Jun’s chest piece is missing the tactical knife.

it used to have everything. 343i unfortunately decided to strip the BP down in order to sell classic bungie-era armor as obscenely overpriced FOMO.