Low Frame Rate

It is possible that this was discussed elsewhere but I can not seem to find anything that matches my situation.

Has anyone else experienced what feels like a very low frame rate and/or sluggish aiming while playing multiplayer?

Particularly playing H2C some matches are perfect (very responsive stick feel and looking around is is incredibly smooth at what feels like the true 60fps). Other matches it is like the game is running at lower than 30fps. The stick feel is terrible as if there is input lag or the game is running in slow motion and while looking round or moving the picture quality is not smooth at all. The best way I can describe it is a stuttery or ratchety (<- even a word?) effect. During this it feels like the hit detection is off also but this could be because what I am seeing on screen is not actually what is happening in game.

This seems to vary from match to match. Sometimes I can even go for several matches and not have an issue. Other times it is just bad right from the get go and will remain like this for several matches.

I have tried playing on both a HDTV and a monitor and the result is the same.

I would like to know if anyone else has this problem. Or if it could be an issue with my system.

I never noticed any difference in picture quality, but I do know that the laggier the connection, the slower your reticule moves aka input lag. Host being 0ms delay while aiming. I know for a fact this happens on h2c and h3, the other games I havent paid much attention. and couldn’t tell you.

BxRRx - Thanks for the input. Perhaps the reduced picture quality is just sort of an illusion while moving or aiming. Of course when sitting still everything is fine. I don’t claim to be the best halo player but it can drastically affect my gameplay. I mostly play H2C so I guess I will just have to deal for now.