Low Frame Rate / Frame Rate Dip Solution (PC)

Hi guys, as you are all aware, there are some frame rate issues that are appearing in the game for PC players even with high end specs. This issue was present in the Flights, but they have been somewhat fixed. That being said, I did some tinkering to see if tweaking specific settings that fixed some issues in the Flight would fix issues here and they did quite a bit.

Here’s what needs to be tweaked and how much they impact FPS on a scale of “Critical” to “Low” with “Critical” being the highest and “Low” being the lowest:

  • Texture Filtering (Critical Impact)
  • Geometry Quality (Critical Impact)
  • Terrain Quality (Critical Impact)
  • Ground Cover Quality (High Impact)
  • Ground Cover Quality (High Impact)
  • Shadow Quality (Medium Impact)
  • Lighting Quality (Medium Impact)
  • Effects Quality (Medium Impact)
  • Cloud Quality (Low Impact)

What you want to do is put these settings to “High” or “Ultra” settings and then restart the game. I don’t know what causes it, but these specific settings cause frame rate issues on lower graphical settings.

Additionally, enabling “Async Compute” in Settings > Video gave a noticeable improvement to the frame rate and overall stability of the game when combined with changing the specific graphics settings.

Just tried out these settings. Unfortunately, in my case anyways, it didn’t help. I tried putting these settings to high and turned Async compute on and I still get around 100-110 frames. I played a second match with everything back to low, but left async compute enabled, still didn’t help.
For reference, I’m using an RTX 2070.

Appreciate the suggestion though.

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Has there been any Nvidia drivers for the game as well?
I’m definitely going to try enabling Async Compute later today as well.

I don’t think so. I tried searching for updates but I got the “best drivers already installed” message.

EDIT: Just tried manually updating to latest driver off Nvidia site and that didn’t help either.

Nvidia did just put out drivers for the DLSS support for BF2042 among other games. I did notice that installing this driver did help a bit with frame rate stability.