Low Damage with frag grenades

I’m playing Halo since CE and I’ve never experienced, that the damage of frag grenades are that low. It was always powerful when the grenade exploded close or next to a gamer. You always lost your full shield. Maybe the frustration of all beta testers, about throwing that many grenades, is because it was always enough throwing 1 or 2 good placed grenades to win a fight. I would like to have it changed for old times sake :slight_smile:

Yeah, and just like CE, that mentality aged like -Yoink!-. There are so many grenades being thrown in all these tight corridors in maps, it would be a horrible experience to have them as in CE.

No thanks

The mele-hit already breaks in gunplay too much and now if they increase the damage of the grenades. “THE GUNPLAY WOULD BE OVER” everything would be based on who throws the grenades first and finishes off with a melee-hit.

What this game needs is more GUNPLAY and less melee, grenades, vehicles etc. Everyone is playing halo because is a FPS not a melee/grenade simulator

I can understand all of your concerns. I just addressed this issue because I’m used to another grenade damage from older games as in Halo 3, older or newer. I didn’t notice before that it isn’t a gun game. I think it was well balanced. I just wanted the same balance also in Infinite not more not less

Yeah I’m finding grenades pretty useless. I’m regularly seeing my grenades blow up within a foot of people with no shields and they’re just like whatever, couldn’t give a -Yoink!- lol

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