Loving this update

okay I’ve had some harsh words about H5 in the past, but I simply want to say, this 7gb update is freaking fantastic. Warzone firefight is amazing and is a good way to casually play online (as opposed to the cutthroat multiplayer) and all the new props and objects in forge are awesome. Tidal is cool and I’m super happy with all the effects you can place to make each map different. (Aside from the known lighting bug)

there was wad one instance where I spawned on the firefight snowy map and a knight was behind spawn and killed me instantly after buying a rocket launcher.

One ne thing I would like to see is possibly adding images next to items in menu in forge. Forge is fantastic and gives a lot of awesome functionality, but I feel it is difficult to find objects due to the text based selection. It would be a butt load of programming, and probably not gunna happen, but it would help greatly.

Same. I believe this will make many people happy to play, and it will provide 343 great feedback, if they need to improve.

Hopefully 343 will release more free updates in the coming months, and what is added is of a similar quality to this update.

They have a few bugs to work out but meh, overall great job. I tried to play an arena match and then a regular warzone match and kept getting reqd after like 2 shots and didn’t know what was happening or where anything was and people were nowhere and one time I got sniped behind a wall and know I have ptsd.

Warzone ne firefight is literally the only reason I’ve been playing recently. The gameplay mechanics are fantastic, and the armor abilities are spot on, but the multiplayer meta and competition are way too much for me. It’s probably because the maps are way too big.