Loving multiplayer. Gj 343

This game feels like old halo. You can disagree, but to me this multiplayer feels like an evolved halo 3. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoyed halo 3 more ( as of right now) but the game is truly balanced in my eyes and demands skill. Every weapon pickup feels like an upgrade in some way or another and at the same time the starting weapons don’t feel underpowered. Most times I die it is because I am simply out played or the other team is coordinating better than my own. Sure there are a few flukes here and there but name a game where that doesn’t happen.

Obviously nothing is perfect but the people complaining about how it’s “too competitive” do you remember halo 4? Every forum was about how casual and unbalanced the game was. So 343 listened to the community and the whining continues. Guess that’s forums for you though. The ranking system is the best this game has seen since halo 3. And the lack of playlists will be fixed with time we just have to be patient guys. Anyway good job 343 you have delivered a true halo experience. Keep up the hard work guys.