Loving Halo 4

It’s really disappointing to see so many threads on here complaining. I guess it’s because the people who are enjoying the game are to busy doing just that, whereas the complainers need somewhere to vent! Personally i love the game, here is why


The campaign was brilliant. The graphics are so detailed and lush. Sometimes you need to sit back and appreciate the minor details, lights reflecting off of things, bullet holes in glass, dust blowing around, grass moving, the detail in the environment and character models. Visually it is such a stunning game. The levels were very well paced out, mixing in vehicle and on foot sections nicely. The campaign of this game is what i expected Halo 3 to be like given all it’s hype, play wise and graphics.


Multiplayer is great fun. While personally i miss the days of Halo 2, when you would see who you’re opponents were and see their high level and go ‘oh crud!’, it’s still enjoyable although the current levelling system means anyone can be a high level whether they are good or not. Higher level just means they play it more, not that they are better!

The maps are great fun and very well designed, although getting the same map over and over can grow tiresome. I’m enjoying customising the look of my character now and then and seeing what i can unlock in the future. Only bit i dislike about multiplayer is how long it takes to find a game, sometimes longer than the actual game takes.

Spartan Ops

LOVE spartan ops. The videos that come with them to build up the story are incredible. The detail in them always blows me away and 343 should really be proud of them. The new facial animations fit in really well and add more depth. With the recent spartan ops video i found myself smiling at the attention to detail, as when the soldier was standing talking to the Dr, his armour kept clinking and clanking as he moved, and even the sound of his gun against his armour. That’s attention to detail!

To me spartan ops is a freebie. I get some new missions every week for nothing, not a penny, and in this day and age with everything being DLC that’s a great thing. I don’t care if it’s the same maps over and over, it’s an extra freebie, not a whole new Halo game. I go through the game solo on normal, and then team up with a friend in the afternoon and do the chapter on legendary, and have a blast at the swarms of enemies destroying me. But the key thing is, i’m not mad or frustrated that i got killed, i’m laughing my head off and having a great time. We sit and laugh at the end when we see something like 70 kill / 35 deaths, because we had a great time.

So yeah, that’s my opinion. After all the complaining topics i thought there was room for one that was praising the game :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what 343 do with the next release. Keep up the good work guys!

Look I’m all for positivity but right now i don’t think it will do 343 any good.
You may not see it but they released a game that should still be in development and forced everyone who paid $70+ to beta test it. They completely ignored the community and still are, they have yet to announce a TU.

Oh and about Spartan Ops, I hope you know they aren’t making new episodes every week. All the episodes are on the second disk and they are just unlocking the content every Monday. Oh and I’m sure you’ve noticed that they’re only campaign and matchmaking maps being recycled every week right?

Once you get used too the stunning graphics and sounds the game is unplayable.

Great post, OP.

For the 2nd post… smh.

I agree with pretty much everything, OP. Nicely written. :slight_smile:

Nice post OP

Campaign was a lot better then Halo 3 or Reach’s. It was a great campaign for a first game.

The maps remind me of Halo 2 and CE era, which had the best maps in any game.

Spops is wonderful and I love it, recycled maps or not.

My only problem is I’ve only been able to connect to the servers 5 times. But I at least don’t go raging about it.

all in all halo 4 is superb infact im about to start playing again