Loving Halo 1! Very Thankful for Halo MCC

I have been having a blast playing halo ce multiplayer. Halo 1 ce is still my favorite of all the halo games and I played a lot of multiplayer of halo 1,2,3 and 4. I had a lot of fun with halo 2 and 3 with the amazing reliable rank system that didn’t get reset all the time… But halo ce still is my favorite… I really enjoy the 2v2 no radar that halo ce is currently played… To me it feels the most strategic, engaging, and predictable(in a good way for consistently rewarding highest skills, proper movement, and map awareness-positioning). I am very thankful for halo mcc… Even thou I wish the launch would have been better. I imagine I will still be playing halo ce often or even primarily after halo 5 comes out… Thanks 343 for halo mcc!

It’s fun to play these games - when MCC is working it has the potential to be a freakin blast for sure. I really hope they don’t give up on continuing patches for this, this game does still need patches. This game has been the most fun I’ve had on Xbox since Halo 3 custom games. I don’t know if this game has been quite up there because of the community we used to have but its been dang fun just getting to play all these games online in one game. The whole idea of MCC is a really good idea and as long as they don’t give up on it people will play this game as long as XB1 is out at least.

I agree with you Halo 1 is fun too, never really got to play this when I was a kid except a few times so its pretty cool to play online with my friends in it. I’m glad they decided to go after it and make this game.