Lovin the Game <3

Hey peeps,

I was curious about the topics that waypoint has up.

I gotta say it’s a lot of complaining and whining.

But from my point of view it’s fantastic.
Sure some things are different but damn the gameplay and the balancing is the best I’ve seen in a loooong time.

Love the radar starting weapons and sound.

Don’t feed the trolls.
Haters gonna hate

Great job 343 <3


Finally a positive post thank you for having FUN and not nitpicking the smallest thing that is annoying to one person but a minor thing to another

Seriously I have fun in this game I get the hate posts reasonings but to me it’s not bit of issues

I’m loving the game too, but not everyone can be completely satisfied by gameplay. There are some folks out here who are genuinely bothered by Halo Infinite’s other systems, myself included.

Otherwise, it’s nice to see a post thanking the devs. I’m a little cynical right now, but all in all, they’ve done a fantastic job. :]

They delivered it a year late, incomplete, and without adopting the majority of feedback from the technical previews.

If that’s a fantastic job, I’d hate to see a bad job!


Yeah, I love the game. I don’t see why people hate it so much.

I gotta say it’s a lot of complaining and whining.

Don’t attack me for giving constructive criticism on the game. I don’t like being called a complainy whiny hateful troll because I expressed some ideas about how it could be better. It’s nice that you think the game is perfect, but don’t berate me for posting feedback about issues that I have with it.

Haters gonna hate

You seem to think that anybody who writes anything about how the game could be better is hating the game and having zero fun with it, but have you considered the possibility that the people posting feedback on these forums could still be more or less enjoying the game, despite having some criticisms of it? Maybe possibly even enjoying it as much as you do?

I, for one, have been having plenty of fun with the game so far, despite its flaws. If I wanted to write a post about how I think the game could be improved, would I need to preface it by saying I enjoy the game, in order to help you feel better and less annoyed by the amount of critical posts on these Waypoint forums? Do you think every critical post has to be balanced out with a post saying nothing more than “I am having fun”? That’s not a realistic expectation, because people don’t usually come to the forums just to say nothing besides express their satisfaction with the game.


thank you for having FUN and not nitpicking the smallest thing

OP is still nitpicking. Just, nitpicking about what people are posting on the forums instead of nitpicking about the game

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