loves firefight

I love firefight, it’s like a mix between multiplayer and campaign, I play it like all the time with my clan mates and friends. I certainly hope it’s in halo 4

I would like it back too, but not like it’s is in Reach. I liked ODST’s firefight more, with its limited lives, weapon drops, and better maps. Plus it should have its own leveling system instead of being tied to multiplayer.

FF was very lacking in Reach but it did get fun.

if you support it go here
at least there we can discuss it in further detail

Remember that moment in Halo:Reach at the beach came a Pelican and a Spirit dropping their troops to each other to fight, no matter how clear the field is, the dropships always keep dropping troops.

Maybe if there were to be two ships of Covenant and UNSC in a Big Firefight map, it be more like a Warzone gametype,
how I dream of some sort like that to exist!

Dem Marines with their Sniper rifles and Rocket Launchers,
Especially UNSCs very own shielded soldiers (Spartans).

Can you imagine such excitement?

I love it when the multiplayer and lore mix. Here’s hoping to Firefight, Spartan Ops, AND asymmetric multiplayer for Halo 5!

Don’t necro, it against forum rules.

> Don’t necro, it against forum rules.

This. This exactly.