Love the unicorn FOMO

Community playdate that is only announced on Twitter and you only have 2 hours to try and play with 343 to get the unicorn emblem. Don’t forget their on US servers and there is a stream delay. 343 constantly goes on about not wanting to ‘weaponise FOMO’ and the unicorn nameplate is the biggest example of that.

Well done.


How is this FOMO? Aside from getting an emblem, which is hated as a weekly reward, this isn’t a big deal. If they gave away a helmet like Recon then I can see why you’'d be mad, but this is just a unicorn emblem. I think you’re just trying to make a fuss.


Yeah, those community days are very discriminatory to every non-US player, since they are basicly excluded from getting that emblem.

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Yeah, I think there needs to be a much better way to get Ice Unicorn. The play dates are so unstructured and happen like once a month for 2 hours and favors certain regions.

They need to at least do a countdown on match starts in the twitch chat to help compensate for the stream delay and make it fairer for everyone instead of just guessing when they queue.


It’s an emblem that looks good and all you have to do is match up with 343 in a community playdate. The difference is that the unicorn nameplate / icon has a ‘special’ / exclusive meaning as far as 343 and Halo is concerned. It would be nice to just play a game against the devs but it’s locked behind a 2 hour time window once a month for basically US Only players to unlock.

The difference with the Warthog emblems from season 1 is that they were easy to unlock and were weekly rewards for like 5 different weeks. This is a single nameplate.

Plus, I don’t even think it’s just the nameplate you get, I think you get a weapon coating or weapon emblem as well. You get a couple of things.

There is a difference, if you don’t understand then that’s on you. I can’t explain it any clearer.

That’s the thing, they do (or at least did previously) a countdown but it was useles because Twitch imposes about 4 to 5 second delay so it’s impossible to accurately account for it.

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I don’t think this instance is a FOMO.

Like what are the chances you actually get matched with a dev?


Again, even if it “looks cool” is it really FOMO? What if another unicorn emblem comes? I’d imagine one will since unicorns are pretty cool, even if the new one is more “cutesy”. If not, perhaps a FOTUS one will come.

FOMO means “fear of missing out”.

So by having a community playdate that is played by US based employees on US based servers for only a small amount of time, it makes people fear missing out on getting the nameplate.

So lots of people will try to match them and will never have the chance which makes players unhappy that they are at a disadvantage when trying to obtain this nameplate.

It makes players play Big Team Battle specifically, at sometimes difficult times for people to try and get this nameplate so they don’t go without it. Hence the fear… of… missing… out.

That’s why it’s very much…

Wait for it…

FOMO! :partying_face:

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Technically, it’s just missing out. SInce unless they delibrately fforce themselves into European servers they will probably stay in the ones they match onnto. Again, just wait for a FOTUS one, or one that looks like this: :unicorn:

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you do know most games have something like this right? like it isn’t FOMO really as most will never get it.

EDIT: they also give them away on the discord so yeah.

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Well, I’m kinda a pessimist when it comes to things like that. It’s like a sweepstake. Most people won’t get it.

Honestly all they have to do is remove the playdate aspect to it and just have it as a reward that you get when you match with a employee that way it’s dropped more and people outside the us has a chance to get it at a reasonable time in their timezone

Like as someone who got it in mcc i wasn’t aware there was a playdate going on and was just playing the preview and got matched with gamecheat13 which i got lucky and he invited me to play with him and postums joined us at one point and we were just having fun talking about halo and messing around

But most people are excluded from even participating, that’s the problem.

Sad thing is most people even in the US are excluded from getting it. Noon pacific time? People work and go to school. Let alone everyone outside the US that cant participate. Why not do it at night? Why the hell is it in the middle of the day. Just another reason this is by far the worst Halo. I get its minor, but its just another thing to add to an already excruciatingly long list of things they keep messing up or broke. Screw 343i

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I mean I’ve played during these times before and never got matched with them.

It is literally up to chance to get matched.

I got matched with Mini Ladd, I am not kidding, and Proxiimity before them.

I’m not sure if that was the real mini ladd but I don’t know of any person who could confidently still have that tag after what went down last year.


Realistically though, how else could they do it? It’s not like they can set bots to play in their place. Devs probably don’t have much time to play the live game.

It’s nice there is even a reward for getting a match with devs. Personally I was just thrilled to see devs in one of my matches (another game) and got a screenshot.

The idea of ‘fomo’ is that people will feel compelled to purchase something as they may never have the opporunity to get it again. That is completely unrelated to 343 being nice enough to hold regular community playdates with door prizes for participants. The community playdates have been going on for years with similar door prizes in h5 and mcc.


I disagree that FOMO is reserved only for monetary transactions.

Taken straight from Webster:
fear of missing out; fear of not being included in something (such as an interesting or enjoyable activity) that others are experiencing

While it is nice that it’s an extra opportunity offered to some, I can definitely see how it would feel unfair to others outside the US that wouldn’t have much of a chance for this.

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Did Bungie ever do this too?

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They would and they would advertise it like a month in advance. They would also have a whole weekend and in some cases a whole weeks at different times so litteraly everyone could participate.

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