Love the gameplay, but a few gripes

So far I’m really loving Halo 5, but I did have a few gripes and was wondering how many people felt the same. First I was really disappointed in the Chief/Lock breakdown for the missions. Too little Chief and Blue team in my opinion. Second, Map rotation. I was a bit bummed when they eliminated voting but I wasn’t too upset, however, I seem to get the same 2 or 3 maps over and over again. I’ve played on Orion 4 times in a row once. I still haven’t seen some of the maps/gametypes that are supposed to be on the playlist. Third, I’m kinda waiting with hope for BTB. I really don’t like too many of the maps, the ones I do enjoy don’t pop up in rotation very often at all. I’m hoping the BTB maps will be better. and Finally the ranking system. I feel as though it’s off. I’ve never considered myself a bad Halo player, but I feel as though I’m ranked with people much better than I am. Which isn’t fun. Since it’s based on team performance I feel as though I’m inaccurately placed. I’m often going negative and am lower in the team standing. It’s just not fun playing against people that are better then you constantly. What do you guys think? What do you agree with? Disagree with?

I feel like the Locke/Chief breakdown was story-driven so I’m completely okay with it, although I can respect the disappointment of others on this point.

Map rotation may be a little problematic, but I still think it’s preferable to voting. H4 was the same game type on the same three maps until the end of time. And this will also seem less annoying as DLC maps and new game types (BTB!!!) come online.

Ah, the ranking system. Everybody wanted one. Now they have it. And, not to sound wise after the fact, but I said they’d come to hate what they covet, and indeed they have. Okay, schadenfreude and gloating aside, you are absolutely right that rank systems which judge individuals based solely on team performance… are going to screw over a lot of people. What everyone forgets is that systems which judge individuals on individual performance in a team game are also screwing people over. They’re just different people. There is no answer for this one. There is no good compromise, or lesser of evils, or glass half full. Everyone wants to know how they stack up against the competition… right up until somebody starts stacking. Ranking systems are a no-win scenario. My advice is hang in warzone. It’s a hoot.

Yeah, I know it was but it was advertised to be more evenly divided. Plus they could have gave Blue team at least 2 or 3 more missions and told the same story, there were long periods of time when you didn’t know what was happening with Blue team, then had to fill in the pieces later. Indeed, I agree for the most part but voting was always nice when it allowed me to dodge maps I despised.And I’m super pumped for BTB!!! Hopefully the maps are good though. I was a bit surprised by how many maps I disliked for Arena. And I’m super bummed they changed pegasus from the Beta, I preferred the beta version. I have an Onyx Ranking in SWAT. But it’s my worst playlist K/D wise. I’ve never really cared to have a ranking system. But I understand the want for it by others. I wish there was a more social playlist option right now. Like action sack or straight capture the flag. Do you know when the special weekend playlists will start by chance? And I have mixed feelings about Warzone so far, but I’ll keep trying it.

I’m looking forward to custom games, especially when Forge drops in December and we can get some homemade maps in rotation. At the risk of prognostication, I’d expect at some point they’ll roll out some unranked MP for casual gameplay (which more suits my style, since I generally suck at shooters.)

I didn’t really feel personally slighted at the mix between MC and Locke missions, but I can see where folks who have a devotion to Chief might have been disappointed. I’m hoping that they can perhaps introduce some post-release co-op content, akin to Spartan Ops or Firefight in Halos past. Perhaps some “filler” missions that feature MC and Blue Team prior to their first mission in the storyline. I’m gathering there was a bit of a gap in time between the events at the end of Halo 4 and the beginning of Halo 5 (at one point Fred mentions them all accepting many missions, the most since they were all fresh out of the Spartan program.) This might help scratch the itch for those who wanted more missions with John 117.

Regarding the ranking system its how Halo has always been so if you want to be gauged more accurately on your individual performance its better to just play FFA. In team based game-modes you are ranked collectively but at the end of the day you may not get all the kills but maybe you didnt die much and got a lot of assists so still helped your team-mates.

Its what I like about Halo so much in that respect as it requires you to put the teams performance/cause first over your own and that is what a true team-player does, no other FPS really gives you that same team feeling tbh…

the ranking system for me has been pretty good, i’m paired with onyx’s and everyone gets around a 1 k/d. does anyone know if they ave a system in place that matches solo players with solo players instead of partied up people with solo randoms like MCC did a lot of the time?