Love of the game

I just got done playing and i just wanted to say, “I love halo and all it forms”. Who here remembers the first time they took part in there first game? My first game My first Xbox game was halo 2 and it was a friend of mine who got me to play. I knew nothing of this game only heard that it was EPIC!!! so i was like ok, one game and here i am today saying i had to own them all. I love you Bungie and 343 you guys are the best please keep the Games coming.

I remember Halo 1, playing it on a friend’s xbox. I first (to the extent of my memory) played Campaign. I learned to love it from there.

My first halo game was halo 2 as a gift from my dad. I’m sure I played campaign first because I was playing alone. I played alone a lot of times because I didn’t have live but sometimes, or many times, friends came over and we played. I then got halo CE followed by the PC version. I spent so much time playing alone [O_O] I would just jump around the maps imagining I was playing in a big game full of many people. I kept imagining all those battles.

Legendary co-op campaign on 1 & 2. Absolutely mind blowing. Endless replayabiltiy at a time when I didn’t have broadband.