Love Infection ? or Achievements ? Lets Game

Hey everyone URBANIZATION88 here!
I am posting because i for one love infection throughout the Halo series and want to find people like me. I also want to ask what you love most about the infection series? That satisfying killing spree ? plunging your sword into another player ? Let me know !
Finally i am looking to find more achievement hunters like myself. So if youd like to play Games and get Gamer score Add me on Xbox Live !
Thank you

Hey Jill. I love Infection as well! There’s really nothing specific I can think of that I like about it but I just find it fun. Although I do competitive Halo I also like doing fun custom games. If you want to play some time, add me on Xbox!

My gamertag is “paradlse” (no that’s not a typo it’s actually an L)